Business Immigration

There are several immigration and citizenship options available for businessmen and senior managers who have accumulated substantial verifiable net worth and business management experience.

Further to recent developments in Canadian law, immigration is now an area where jurisdiction is shared between the Federal and Provincial governments. As such, various provinces and territories of Canada, by agreement with the Federal government, have established their own immigration programs to nominate potential immigrant for Canadian permanent residency status. Once an Applicant has been nominated by a province/territory as a Provincial Nominee, the Applicant is assured of a prompt processing of his/her Application for Permanent Residence.

As such, various provinces and territories have established their own business immigration programs. These provincial business immigration programs focus on experienced business people who may not qualify under the Investor Category or who may not wish to be subject to the “Terms and Conditions” under the Entrepreneur Category.

Most provincial business immigration programs require that “nominated” Applicant have the ability to establish themselves within that province/territory and that they develop and actively manage a business in that province that will provide significant economic benefit to the province. Personal net worth and qualifying investment thresholds are lower than those required under the Federal and Quebec Investor Categories.
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